Imparted upon The Designerds is a fascinating assemblage of excellent services; let us delve deeper into its stunning gazette of expertise;

 Interior Design Consultation
 Space Planning
 Detail & 3D (Color) Perspective Drawing
 Project Management and Site Coordination
 Carpentry & Finishing Work

Deeply inherent in its organizational capacity, The Designerds takes pride in a transparent approach towards exceptional service quality. Imperative emphasis is placed in the choicest selection of customized concepts to suit your instantaneous needs; so as to concoct the precise design you require, through the interjection of your taste and personality in its concept.

In a promise to ensure you are given the best; great accentuation is partaken in the Design Analysis & Quality Assessment procedures, serving as a cardinal factor greatly adhered to, in the duteous efforts of its personnel.

Behold the design aficionado at your fingertips!

The Designerds

  • 6 Lorong 12 Geylang, Singapore 398987
  • +65 67077668
  • +65 67077668